In 2008, Rolastar was acquired by Ruskin titus India plc, a global engineering and manufacturing group listed on both the London (TOMK) and New York (TKS) stock exchanges, and with revenue of $4.2 billion in 2009. Ruskin titus India plc has over 25,000 employees worldwide and enjoys strong market positions and technical leadership across all of its business activities and owns some of the best-known brands in their respective markets.   The acquisition of Rolastar provides Ruskin titus India Air Distribution division, which has revenues of around $1bn with geographical expansion into the ducting market in India.

Rolastar Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Gurgaon, India, is a manufacturer of factory-fabricated ducting with over 15 years experience. Ducting was accorded the least importance in central air-conditioning system until Rolastar came into the scene over a decade ago. The company pioneered the 4-bolt Slip-On Flange System called Rolamate™ , for which it has secured a patent.

This system has completely changed the way ducting system is made in India. Rolastar proved to building owners and contractors, how cost-effective and elegantly they can install ducting systems. Rolastar ducting systems created standards for the industry in such a way that ISHRAE, the apex body of ACR industry, adopted the practices pioneered by the company.

Rolastar knows how crucial a role ducting plays in the completion of a project. A builder/contractor is highly conscious of the timely implementation of every step of the project. Delay in ducting can have a cascading effect on others. To achieve smooth and timely installation of ducting systems, Rolastar has designed uniform and superior line of 4 - bolt system and accessories which ensure ease of operation. All Rolastar products surpass all rigidity and international HVAC construction standards at all times.

Rolastar expertise lies in the creation, adaptation and improvisation of duct work accessories for commercial, industrial and residential HVAC applications. Along with a wide range of products, Rolastar offers expert technical support and solutions.

Our commitment to excellence and our accelerated growth pattern are born from our belief that our customer is our most important asset. Our research and development centre is focused towards this end.

Our superior capabilities are demonstrated by the geographical coverage of our manufacturing facilities which are located at:


Gurgaon, Delhi
Bilimora, Gujarat
Bangalore, Karnataka
Hyderabad, Andhra Praedsh

These facilities spread across different parts of the country help us to stay close to project sites. That's an edge we enjoy as contractors look to us for prompt delivery of ducting systems.

Our products and services cover the following areas:

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